About Us

Meet Our Team

K-9 Protective Services is dedicated to excellence as a top class security company. We are committed to establishing an environment in which employees of the company and community thrive. We seek to be a catalyst for positive change through persistent, personalized and cost effective use of security protective services. By embracing the values of pride, professionalism and integrity we remain committed to maintaining the public trust. Our framework of service is bonding together as community partners, relationships of which are built on trust, professionalism and respect.

Pre Screening and Training

Prior to joining the team all guards undergo an extensive screening process. Officers attend multiple interviews and must also complete a personality and aptitude test. This test screens for cognitive skills like math and english in addition to psychological tendencies. Full criminal background checks and drug screenings are completed on all finalists upon successfully passing the first stages of the hiring process. All K-9 Security guards are required to complete training successfully. They must also complete ongoing training courses throughout their time as part of the team. These training requirements apply for both armed security guards and unarmed security guards employed with K-9